singing courses leeds

This course will allow you to develop skills to produce and perform original music material. It will give you the necessary insight to professional songwriting and vocal techniques with emphasis on creativity and originality.

Breathing and arrangements
  • Breathing techniques
  • Vocal arrangements
  • Strengthening voice exercises
  • Finding your range
Live performing
  • Confidence, image and stage presence
  • Rehearsal and planning
  • Voice projection techniques
  • Microphone type, sensitivity, technique
Songwriting Skills
  • Structure of songs
  • Finding inspiration for your song
  • Writing song "hooks"
  • Lyric and melody writing
Vocal Arrangements and Rhythm
  • Time signatures and basic rhythm notation
  • Intonation, tone and ad libs
  • Vocal harmonies and double tracking
  • Rhyme and Rhythm
Warm Ups & Practice Routines
  • Gentle upper and lower body stretches
  • Exercises: scales, arpeggios, vibrato, sirening
  • Articulation, dynamics and pitching
  • Gentle upper and lower body stretches
The Recording Session
  • Recording lead and backing vocals, ad libs
  • Types of microphone: Dynamic vs Condenser
  • Double tracking, ADT and ad libs
  • FX: adding reverb and delay to a vocal recording

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